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Use Hollywood Project Management to Organize & Simplify Podcast Production

PodcastStudio Pro™ is built on the same platform as the #1 app for professional film and television development.

Stop forgetting important references, talking points, and transition segues. Start producing a more meticulous, organized, and consistent show with PodcastStudio Pro™.

What is PodcastStudio Pro™?

PodcastStudio Pro™ is the only web-based app that helps you plan and organize your podcasts with customizable templates based on the most successful podcast formats.

PodcastStudio Pro™ is designed by the team that created WritersRoom Pro®, the television and film development system that’s being used at every studio, broadcaster, and network in Hollywood.


PodcastStudio Pro™ is…


  • Browser-based
  • See all your podcasts on one dashboard
  • Customizable templates
  • Plan out your entire season
  • Organize each episode
  • Non-destructive editing
  • Output to Word or PDF
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Collaborate with your team in real time
  • Subscriptions go from 1 to unlimited users

Are you an Agency or a Studio?

If you are producing multiple podcasts with dozens or even hundreds of content creators, engineers, producers, and support staff, PodcastStudio Pro™ gives you a single, centralized dashboard to manage all your podcasts from the same screen.  And don’t worry about people seeing podcasts they aren’t associated with; only the people YOU invite to each specific podcast can log into that podcast, and that podcast only.

How does PodcastStudio Pro™ work?

Start by creating your podcast

Whether you’re starting a brand new podcast or using PodcastStudio Pro™ on an existing podcast, creating your podcast takes only a few seconds, including adding your cover art and choosing your season and starting episode number.

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Choose a Template For Each Episode

Not every episode is the same, so start at the Overview board and pick a template for your episodes from the eight most common types: Roundtable, Freestyle, Co-Host, Scripted Fiction, Solo Host, Interview, Listener Q&A, or Tutorial.  Plus you can customize each one or create your own template.  It’s all you!

Plan as many episodes in advance as you want

Light up your Overview board like a Christmas tree as PodcastStudio Pro gives you a look at multiple episode templates.

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Add cards for each beat, question, and moment of your Podcast

Choose your episode, open it on the Episode board, and start creating note cards for each beat and moment of your podcast.  Now you have a plan you can follow and adjust on the fly if you’d like.  All editing is non-destructive, so change your mind and rearrange your cards until you’re completely satisfied.

Show notes are no longer an after thought

As you create your show in Podcast Studio Pro, your show notes are created in real time, just waiting for you to download them to Word, TXT, PDF, or HTML.

That means your show notes are no longer something you worry about on release day, they are instead being created for you automatically as you keep your focus where it belongs: production.

What our users are saying

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What does it cost?

All subscriptions start with a 14-day Free Trial


1 User
$ 10
Per Month
  • 8 Templates
  • 18 Card Types
  • Backups saved for 30 days after the subscription ends
  • Chat & Email Support


From 2 to 100 Users
$ 19+
Per Month
  • Multiple Admins
  • 8 Templates
  • 18 Card Types
  • Backups saved for 30 days after the subscription ends
  • Chat & Email Support


100+ to Unlimited Users
Let's Talk
  • Multiple Admins
  • 8 Templates
  • 18 Card Types
  • Backups saved for 1 year after the subscription ends
  • Phone, Chat, & Email Support