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Reach the most innovative, forward-thinking, and dedicated podcasters on the planet.

PodcastStudio Pro™ is the only completely free-to-use, web-based app that helps podcasters, podcaster producers, and studios plan and organize their podcasts with customizable templates based on the most successful podcast formats.

With a growing user base that includes some of the most influential podcasters and companies, advertising your products, services, and shows on PodcastStudio Pro™ is a guaranteed way to put you in front of the podcast world’s thought leaders.

Advertising rates

Banner Ads

We feature two different banner ads on our user’s dashboard (projects) page, one at top and one at the bottom.  

These banners are limited to five (5) advertisers each per month, with each banner rotating through every 12 minuties, repeating every hour.

UPPER BANNER RATE (700px X 180px) $1000 per month (5 available)

LOWER BANNER RATE (700px X 90px) $750 per month (5 available)

Tile Ads

PodcastStudio Pro™ features two (2) square ‘tile’ ads on the sidebar of the app itself.  

Though smaller than the banner ads, these tiles are visible continuously while users are inside the app and working on their podcasts.  These are limited to 10 advertisers each per month, with each tile rotating through every 6 minutes, repeating every hour.

TILE AD RATES (500px X 500px) $500 per month (20 available)

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