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Most frequent questions and answers

PodcastStudio Pro™ and WritersRoom Pro® are very similar in look and feel, but are two completely separate apps.

WritersRoom Pro® is for TV and film development, so it includes some additional elements that screenwriters need, particularly in the professional studio licenses.  Additionally, the security profile for WritersRoom Pro® is much higher than PodcastStudio Pro™ as required by our studio and production company clients. 

Some other key TV/film writing elements that are part of WritersRoom Pro® (studio license) and NOT PodcastStudio Pro™ include: character boards, multiple scrap boards (called Notes in PodcastStudio Pro™), the ability to lock & hide episodes, card stacking, single sign on (SSO), watermarking of images, and enhanced encryption.

Can someone working on their own, outside of a broadcaster, production company, or studio develop an episodic show or movie in PodcastStudio Pro™?  Yes.  Will it be as easy as using WritersRoom Pro®?  Definitely not.  And if you’re at a studio, the content protection people at the studio will NOT be happy.

And finally, if you think a project that you develop in PodcastStudio Pro™ might have a chance of being picked up for development or production there is no migration path between PodcastStudio Pro™ and WritersRoom Pro®.  Any cards and boards in PodcastStudio Pro™ will have to be recreated in WritersRoom Pro®, and vice versa.

Recognizing that podcasts often need more eyes on each episode while in development (producers, hosts, co-hosts, editors, engineers, etc) we’ve created a multi-tier pricing system that starts with 1 user (Solo) for $10 per month and goes up to as many as 100 users (Teams) for $900 per month.

The number of users available beyond the Solo license are: 2, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100.  These represent unique users you can have across all your podcasts, so if you’re producing 10 podcasts and you have a 50 user license, you can assign as many or as few of those 50 users to as many or as few of your podcasts as you’d like, until you hit 50 users.  

If you’re a studio or an agency (or just overly ambitious) and you need more than 100 users, give us a shout! 

Absolutely!  Whether you’re on episode 1 or episode 351, you can get started using PodcastStudio Pro™.  The setup screen allows you to select not just your numbering format and season number (if you use seasons), but also what number you wish to start at.  No matter where you’re at in the production of your podcast, you can jump in with PodcastStudio Pro™.